Upgrading HVAC with the HERO Program

In 2008 and 2009, the State of California approved legislation authorizing cities and counties to establish voluntary programs to pay for energy efficiency, water efficiency, and renewable energy products which are permanently attached to property (“Eligible Products”).

The California HERO Program (the “California HERO Program” or “Program”) was created to enable cities and counties to provide homeowners and businesses with financing to pay for energy efficiency, water efficiency, and renewable energy products and their installation.

The HERO Program provides many benefits to property owners and the local economy, including:

  1. Encourages the use of energy efficient products by making them more affordable
  2. Helps property owners save money on energy bills
  3. Helps the county meet environmental standards and reduces carbon emissions
  4. Helps stimulate the local economy by providing work for local contractors
  5. Increases property values

Why Should the HERO Program interest you?

  • Energy efficient products are often more expensive. HERO Financing’s low rates, long term financing, and tax benefits provide great incentives for property owners to purchase more expensive products at similar net costs to less efficient products.
  • No Credit Score Requirements – HERO is available to more property owners than other financing offerings.
  • In most cases, HERO Financing transfers with the property when sold, which takes the investment risk out ofinstalling energy efficient products.
  • Homeowner approval can take less than two minutes!

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