Save Energy on Your Electric Bill

There are some practical methods to reduce your monthly utility bill. Here is our “Top 10 Ways to Save Energy” list.

Plug Holes

Check for household leaks to make sure air isn’t escaping through openings such as the fireplace, doors and windows. Repair leaky ducts to reduce heating and cooling costs and qualify for a rebate up to $120 toward repairs. Close unused air vents. If you have central AC you can close air vent in rooms you’re not using so you’re not paying to cool them.

Fan Off

Use ceiling fans, they use no more electricity than a standard light bulb and the breeze of a fan can make you feel three to four degrees cooler.

Change Filters

In order to keep your HVAC system maintained you need to change or clean your AC’s air filters at least once a month to keep your system running at peak performance.

AC SEER Rating

Make sure your AC has a rating – or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) – of 15. Not only will your AC be more efficient, you could also be eligible for a tax rebate.

Auto Temp

Make saving automatic: Set your thermostat fan switch to “auto” to save energy. Leaving it in the “on” position keeps air running constantly. Install a programmable thermostat to adjust your temperature during the day.


Block the sun from overheating your home! Inside, use shades, blinds and insulated drapes. Outside, use awnings, trees and shrubs. Decorate for a cooler home by hanging light-colored curtains that allow light to enter a room while blocking some of the sun’s rays, and light-colored paint to reflect heat.


Insulate your walls with injected foam insulation to help save energy by keeping hot outside air from seeping through porous block walls – check with your local building supply company for details.


Give your AC a tune-up. Running an inefficient AC system can result in high monthly bills. Plus, you could qualify for a rebate.

Go Green

Plant fire resistant trees and shrubs to provide shade on the sunny side of your home.


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